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11 Essential Steps To Launching Your Online Business

11 Essential Steps to Launching Your Online Business

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Here are the steps to successfully launch your business online

We have more than 20 years combined experience building and launching websites. But that doesn’t mean we don’t remember how overwhelming it felt in the very beginning of our journey! If you’re just getting started, fear not.

We’re here to break down the process in quick, bite-sized lessons and best practices for web design.

Starting with 11 Essential Steps to Launching Your Online Business

  1. Domain: Research your domain name and secure it.
  2. Hosting: Find a good web host.
  3. Platform: Decide what kind of website you are going to build, what platform you are going to use and who is going to build it.
  4. Content: Create the content for your website (writing + images). Research SEO.
  5. Design: Decide on the color, images and layouts for your site. Don’t forget about how your site will look on mobile smartphones.
  6. Security: Setup security for your website– research SSL and HTTPS.
  7. Backup & Maintenance: Make sure to have a good maintenance and backup plan in place.
  8. Email Marketing: Setup your email marketing strategy to build your convert website visitors into email subscribers.
  9. Social Media: Develop your social media strategy, integrate into your site if appropriate and optimize your website for social sharing and discovery.
  10. Long-term Plan: Decide on how you’ll manage your online marketing efforts long-term: stay lean and do it yourself or outsource to consultants.
  11. Launch! Announce your site and plan your ongoing marketing campaigns, managed either in-house or by external consultants.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be breaking down each of these steps into more detail. Be sure to join the collective by signing up for our emails to be the first to know when our new posts go live!

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